Monday, August 23, 2010

Step Up 3D

Yo!Yo!Yo! what's up readers.. I'm so happy that finally i could go and watch the movie that I have been waiting for so many month, Step Up 3D. Guess what, I'm watching the premiere thanks to Adverlets and Miss Cherrio for the invites.


New York’s intense street dancing underground comes alive in eye-popping Digital 3D in the third instalment of the STEP UP franchise as the raw, passion-fuelled culture goes global. A tight-knit group of street dancers, including Luke (RICK MALAMBRI) and Natalie (SHARNI VINSON), team up with NYU freshman Moose (ADAM SEVANI), and find themselves pitted against the world’s best break-dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.
ADVERTLETS Movie Screening Details
DATE : 25th August 2010 (Wednesday)
TIME : 8pm
VENUE : Tropicana City Mall – Hall 3 (150 seats)

Stay tune with me as I will tell you my point of view for the movie after i watch it this wednesday. =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger & Happy Valentine Day

Dear readers...
Happy CNY & Happy Valentine...its like once after many years when chinese new year falls on the same day with Valentine..its a super memorable day to remember but as for some couples they feel that its not really a good idea for CNY to falls on a valentine day coz they will have to accompany their family n no choice but to abandon their love one aside on valentine...
As for me whether it falls on a Valentine day or not it seems to b no differents to me as I'm single AGAIN on Valentine this year...another year of dateless...haih....i will never have the luck to have a boyfren to go thru this sweetest day of the year together with me. As i remember i onli go thru valentine day once in high school 5years back. I got the most memorable gift ever from the one that i love the most Moshi Hong. I always wish to have a bouquet of flowers from the one i love but it always fails to happen. Never have the luck to receive a bouquet of flowers from Males...not even from those aftering me..i wonder giving flowers to girls is no more a trend nowadays d izit? or is juz bcoz of me having bad luck?...haih...Just like other years i will plan to stay at home on Valentine day even there are 2guys who willing to date me out today...I wont wan to go to malls or anywhere that i could c couples being so sweet together walkin around holding gifts n flowers. so staying at home will be the best. Just wish that i wont have another lonely valentine next year...Anyways i guess i gotta sign off here as i have to prepare stuff for tomoro open chowzzz.....will post up my list of target to hit in the year of tiger(2010) tomoro...

Monday, February 8, 2010


Today as usual wake up damn early to attend class..1st class was at 9am n is Moral...yes is MORAL the boring subject who kills me n all my classmate. we suppose to watch a movie in moral class today but too bad the projector was having problem and we waited like an hour plus it still not responding so in the end Cik Azlina change it to a Lecture day...Arghhh..i thought i could get some sleep or heard some music when the movie starts but now i as usual la the whole was so noisy and at 1point i was so pissed coz the lecturer is talkin so so so soft n yet the class is noisy until i cant even heard wat she ask us to copy down. So in the end i gave up n put my earphones on. *switch to Hyun-A CHANGE* the song that makes me awake while copying the notes. After MOral class me,ness,vir and deb went to Tappers to have our lunch before heading for the next class Production Field. Today we learn about Storyboard and Mr loong make us write a script *again* and draw a storyboard according to our scripts. After class i follow Ness n Shayne to OU coz mom says that she is in KL n i don wanna wait her in college so i tag along with Ness they all. Is been a long time since i camwhore with my college mates d..especially n Shayne makin odd poses n faces to snap some shoots.

*stupid hand* Guess who it belongs to
Evil Shayne killing Ness's bear

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thomas And Jack 1st Photobook Release

Juz got home from Puchong ioi Mall Sense Cafe. Was there as early as 11am to support Thomas & Jack on their 1st photobook release. The event suppose to start at 2.30pm, i was there that early bcoz i wanted to get myself a place to sit since i cant call n book the table n i dont want to be like the last event happens there which i have to stand there for 2hours. However reaching there that early i could say that im superrrr stupid..cause even sense cafe is nt open yet. So wat i can do is sit on a bench near sense cafe n take out my story book "TWILIGHT" *i know is kinda slow to start reading twilight now when the movie is alredi out until New Moon n im still stuck in the 1st book*. i sat there untill around 12.30pm n i notice there r quite a number of fans waiting there d, so i make my way to the entrance n queue up there waiting patiently for them to let us in. Since i was waiting alone, so i social a bit la with the 2 young boy in front of me. They were nice n invited me to join a table with them too. So we make our way to a table far away from stage...however we still can sit n enjoy n still can c TJ n Bernard clearly le...BTW Bernard aka tau foo pok was the MC of the day..he is such a nice,friendly,sarcastic guy...cute...before this i was a bit curious, y did Christina n Shu Hann love him so much...but after today i could understand d..coz he did melt my heart too...hahaha...After TJ perform 2 song title "Ho Nian Pi" and "Den Dai", all the fans rush to Red Box entrance to queue up to get their photobook and album sign. I was super calm coz i din rush there like wat i used to do.i sit there chill a while den onli make my way there coz i was planning to be the last to take their autograph so i could spend a bit more time to chat wit them. When i saw the line ending i make my way to queue up but then the crew suddenly say "autograph session end" n Jack was holdin the mic saying thanks to those who came. at that moment i stoned there n honestly i nearly fainted or cry out loud...i was quite near to Jack so i shouted "Ah zhe wo hai mei yo chian dao"(Jack i haven got mine sign yet).Luckily he heard me n turn to me n say "har?u haven sign a...oh okok..come come i sign..." hweeee~. the crew then let me n few more fans in to get ours sign.As usual Jack remember me...hahaha...he was like "Hey~is r u? u come alone today?where r ur frens?" den i answered " fine..yea i come alone today coz they not free but 1 of this is for her 1..*the her is CHRISTINA* "ooo..icic...y they not free to come wor...n rite the stuff u guys gave me, i still keeping it...neh..the bottle of stars..." at tat moment i was like walau...he still can remember wei..that bottle of stars Chris gave him like ages on their debut day wei... so i juz answer "really..hahaha...thanks....i guess we will c u guys soon again la...u take care ya" while he shakin my hand n i move my way to Thomas...Like all times Thomas for sure look so blur n clueless on wat me n jack saying..hahaha....however a bit sad coz he don remember us as much as how Jack rmb us..hahaha...i waited for thomas to finish signing my photobook n smile at him n say thanks but he put his hand out n say "thank you for ur support ya" with his killing smile.....*melts*...After getting their siggie i make my way to take foto with the cute Bernard den off i speed back home....hahahhaa.....

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Elecoldxhot after the interview with them
The champion Katoon Network after the interview...
From Left to Right-Kelvin(Leader), Alex,Hazmi(lying),Kim Chin, Celica

Celica wanted to make a love with the glow stick 1 but failed...hahaha

DENNIS YIN *he asked me to take this when i was walkin down the stairs..=.=

The one i always HEART

Me & Jaycee

JAycee & Me

Gary & Me

he is like a BIG brother to me...

Me & TEH YOUNG aka TEH BEOM *people say he looks like a small kid who finally got the chance to take photo with me...LMAO~

Billy..the guy who i always thinks that is scary n fierce but im all wrong..he is a nice guy

Mr Chris *the dancer i would pay all my respect to*

JAycee & Chris...*The Leader Couple*

The sweetest couple

Leon & Akiyo..

Billy & his love Hikki aka Amanda


Elecoldxhot aka ECX & GF Crew *dennis looks cute in this picture..he is such a sweet guy..he say he is hugging the hello kitty cap -is like his GF Felicia beside him-

Me & the best crew Elecoldxhot...oppsy..missing Billy here...

After camwhoring with ECX headed to Asia Cafe with Chloe & Charlie to meet up with Derek n his frens

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Astro Battle Ground Grand Finale

Past Saturday,19th December 09’ I was invited by Astro to attend the Grand Final of Astro Battleground season 3 in Ministry Of Sound-Euphoria in Sunway. Astro Battleground was the first Chinese street dance competition in Malaysia. This year themed ‘No Boundaries, No Limit’, Battleground, for the first time, the competition is open to everyone aged 15 and above regardless of their races and nationalities. The top 4 finalist; Elecoldxhot, Katoon Network, Dancologist and Wakaka Fever, will be battling it out on the dance floor for the much-anticipated champion title and the total of RM50, 000 cash prizes sponsored by Gatsby.
The Finalist Photobucket EleColdXhot aka ECX Photobucket
Katoon Network Photobucket
Wakaka Fever

As usual la...was there to support my dearest frens...EleColdXhot and Wakaka Fever and also be there on behalf of Elosoul writer. A week before i got 7tickets from my dearest MR Monkey, thought tat i will be needing it as that time i din know tat i was invited to attend as MEDIA...So in the end i gave those precious tickets to my bestie Chloe and she ask Charlie to tag along too so she gt people to accompany her while im in to do my job,Then gave another 2 to Queenie n her fren Amy but they din turn up, 2 to Shu Hann n Christina (sorry for the last minute call babe..know tat u guys wanna go so much so i spare out de 2tix for both of u) last is for Mandy's fren..Since Mandy is following me in as Media so she don need a tix. It was like the 1st time i attend a event under Elosoul all alone..Mel wasnt following this time. So i went over to Sunway Piramid with Chloe around 3something and we walk around and Chloe were hungry so we went over to The Garden to hav a drink while she has her meal. Cherry then join up wit us. 3 of us went over to MOS around 5pm+ n guess wat the crowd was crazy...the line to queue up to the entrance of MOS is so so so long..i waited there alone while Chloe went to bring Charlie up n Cherry went to join her frens. when Mandy reach i pass de place back to chloe n we headed to the Media Registration Booth.the we headed in to MOS like VIP..hahaha...

Spotted Hikki & Akiyo supporting their bf..

Here are a short story i wrote about this year ABG
Last year champion Elecoldxhot were back once again to compete for the champion title again. With a new member Dennis Yin who is the winner of So You Think You Can Dance & 1 of the member from Battleground first season champion Mustang Crew. This year they come back to Astro Battleground with their name Elecoldxhot not like last year with the name ECX. Consist of 6 members who are Chriz Ooi (leader), Dance aka Monkey, Leon, Dennis, Billy and Gary. Dancologist being the one and only sexiest all girl crew, attracts equally as much as limelight as their male counterparts when they strut their moves on the dance floor. Trinity being the leader of the group together with Slyvia, EnEn, Li Ping and Fying they named themselves Dancologist. Wakaka Fever on the other hand, is a unique Malay crew with 6 members, Alam, Naz, Joe, Harry, Wan & Zen who never fail s to excite the audience with their ever-surprising ‘stunts’. They are also the only B-Boy crew who survive till the final. Last but not least Kelvin Low who is one of the well known Popper in Malaysia form his group, Katoon Network with Celica, Kim Chin, Alex and Mimie. Katoon Network, are well-liked for adeptly assimilating comedic and humorous acts in their performances, is also one of the favourite crews in vying for the championship.
Inspired by the idea of “time-machine”, the final will see the four finalist teams showcasing their creative and nifty dance moves in four rounds which include the Beginning, the Future, the Three Ways Battles and the Ultimate Dance. This competition was co host by Gan Mei Yan and Anthony Chang, while guest performances by Choo Hou Ren one of the last year Battleground Host. This year Astro also invited Malaysia famous Beatboxer Shawn Lee to show his beatbox skills.
This year’s final brings an exciting panel of judges comprising Rambo and Xiao Hui, both the well-known choreographers from Taiwan; Marcus Tucker from the U.S; ShayNormann from France and Bobby Chan, the local experienced dancer and choreographer.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Though the door will only open for the fans at 6.30pm, however the fans were there to line up as early as 4pm. Due to the event were held in MOS so there were rules that fans under the age of 15 are not allow to enter, so some young fans were not allow to enter to support their favorite team. The 4 finalist were set with different colour as de main colour to represent their team, like Elecoldxhot were RED, Katoon Network was ORANGE, Dancologist were PURPLE and lastly BLACK for Wakaka Fever. 80 percent of the fans who attend the event that day were dress in RED and it means that Elecoldxhot has the most fans that day. After all the fans were settle down on their places, the event starts at 7pm plus and it was live on Astro channel 311 too. They start it off with a tribute to the late Michael Jackson by dancing a few hits song from Michael.Photobucket After that round 1 with the theme “The Beginning” , contestant were required to select a song which has inspired them to go into Hip hop dancing. Katoon Network were the ones who goes first, they choose the song Step by Step by New Kids on the Block. Next were the sexiest only girl crew Dancologist with Beyonce Knowles’ Crazy in Love. Elecolxhot used one of the hit songs Its Gonna Be Me by N’Sync. Last but not least Wakaka Fever chose a song from Mc Hammer.
Round 2 with the theme “The Future” allows the contestant to think something creative in order to match the theme. Katoon Network comes out with the idea “Future Police” which bring something different to the audience. There is a part where they actually transform themselves as a robot. Dancologist used the idea of “Dance Machine”, according to Judge Bobby he gets the idea of dance machine in the start of the routine however he says that is a bit confusing in the middle of it. Leader of Dancologist Trinity explain that the idea of the routine is she hopes that in future there is a dance machine where there are background dancer to dance with you while you enjoying the game. Next Elecoldxhot comes out something with technologic however Marcus one of the judges says
“I was feeling your creativity, I was following your storyline but something lacking. I’m not feeling your movements. Is like you bringing the show but you losing your dance. And you guys were most powerful when you guys dance together. I’m seeing character, I’m seeing jumping around but I’m not seeing you dancing together. It was a good show but I’m not feeling it. Good scores but not the highest one”.
Wakaka Fever being the most humorous crew comes out with the idea “Future Cleaner” and it does makes the audience laughs. Photobucket After round 2,were performance by the other finalist from the semi final,they are Max Identity, Twister XF and Street Wreckerz before the crew with the lowest marks total up from round 1 and 2 will be named the third runner up and Wakaka Fever were it. When host Gan Mei Yan interview them on how they feel titling 3rd runner up, Alam says that they wish to go to the battle round because after all they were B-Boy and they like to battle however they didn’t survive till the battle round. Before round 3 start, they have performance from the guest performer Shawn Lee the beatboxer. Shawn Lee who is a young boy who very good at beatboxing and well known in Malaysia. He even represent Malaysia for Asia beatboxing competition.Photobucket
Round 3 were the “Three Way Battle”, three teams will have to battle among each other for 3 rounds which is group routine, solo routine and group routine again. In the solo part Katoon Network has Kelvin, Dancologist has Trinity. Both of the crew got their leader to represent their group however Elecoldxhot is a bit different from them, they have their newly join member Dennis to represent them. After the battle round Dancologist has the lowest ranking and this means they have been crowned the 2nd runner up. After the sad moment, the crowd were entertain by the performance from the other guest artist of the day which is also one of the host from last season Battleground, Chu Hao Ren. As for your information, Hao Ren is also one of the member from Battleground Season 1 Champion Mustang Crew.Photobucket Round four which is also means the last round with the theme “Ultimate Dance”. After the great performance from both crew, and with the votes 4 over 1 Katoon Network won the title champion of 2009 Astro Battleground while Elecoldxhot won the 1st Runner Up. When the results were announced, the cheer in MOS suddenly went down as most of the fans there were to support Elecoldxhot and they were upset that Elecoldxhot didn’t won the champion. I have come across some fans near me were crying at that time too, even Elecoldxhot themselves were a bit upset.
After the competition, we were usher up to the vip room for interview. As below is a short interview with the champion Katoon Network & the 1st Runner Up Elecoldxhot.

Interview with Katoon Network
Q- How will you guys spend the RM26k?
A-We will go travel together and eat some good food.
Q-How much did u guys spend on this competition as in for props and outfit?
A- More than RM1k per member.
Q-Will you guys join again next year?
A-It depends.
Q-Do you guys have any plans now?
A-Not at the moment
Q-Any words you guys were like to say now?

Interview with Elecoldxhot
Q-How do you guy feel right now?
A- Sad. Sad because we can’t break the record by becoming the 2 years champion.
Q-Will you all join again next year?
A-Maybe No. because at the moment we need some rest.
Q-What do you think about your presentation today?
A- Not very good. Today we used a new concept. More fear. However we put a lot of effort in it.
Q- How do you guys normally get your choreography inspiration?
A – Sit together and brainstorm and we get idea from anything and anywhere randomly.
Q- Looking at your image today for the last dance, do you all get inspired by 2pm on those eyeliner make up?
A-(Chriz) Hmm..not really..sorry because I don’t know who is 2pm and the eyeliner were the last minute plan as we wanted to create more fear for the routine.

After the last question we ask ECX..Chriz pop out with something...
Chris-oh yea i would like to thanks this media *pointing at me* for supporting us n wearing our T-shirt.
i stoned at that moment n i bcome the center of attention that time coz all the other medias plant their pair of eyes on my outfit.*hides* seriously i felt damn pai seh that moment...the astro crew actually came to me n ask me *oh u r wearing their t-shirt,i juz notice...wah so supportive la*...den i gone *speechless* n juz gave her a smile...
After everything me n Mandy left the VIP room which the press con were held in, and we walk to the main entrance as in to meet up with ECX again...camwhore is a MUST whenever i meet them..hehe...since is out of my job area i can b back a normal FANS or Fren now..hehe..however wanted to take picture with the champion Katoon Network oso 1, but Celica,Kelvin n Kim they all damn bz..haih...

To Be Continue.......